Creating an Executioner's Block in Two Days

Yes, that's what I said.  An executioner's block.  All in a day's work I suppose.  Probably really creeping out the neighbors.  

This block is a replica of the one believed to have been used when Henry VIII condemned Thomas More to death.

It will be installed in an exhibit on the life of Thomas More which is to open September 16 at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine.  The exhibit will also feature many of my hand painted replica documents including; Thomas's last letter to his daughter Margaret, Henry's Oath of Supremacy, several letters of George Washington, and much more!  And now back to the block.

It all started with a tree.  

A nice piece of poplar from the homestead will do.

A nice piece of poplar from the homestead will do.

Taking measurements and deciding the best places to cut.  

Always looking for an excuse to get this thing out of the garage!  

Most of my artwork is created in the presence of my children.  This is no exception.  At a safe distance of course!

Love the baby's expression!

Love the baby's expression!

Finishing up the big cuts.

My favorite people watching the action. 

Not everyone is excited

Not everyone is excited

Next, I move it into the wood and restoration shop to do the carving and detail work. 

A look at some of the details; aging, axe strikes, etc...

Some stain....

This is not the final product... but it's close.  If you want to see this in person, come check out the exhibit opening September 16th.

This thing is scary... St. Thomas More, pray for us!

Michael Corsini